No matter what you want to do, take care of your mood first

What’s the smell inside you?

Why can’t we stand the smell in our surroundings, yet allows it to smell inside?

This is an attempt to persuade you to consider taking care of your mood first before acting on anything. Why? Because mood actually plays three important roles in your life from different perspectives.

  1. Your mood is your best strategy: The right mood gives you the highest chance of success in the following action.
  2. Your mood is your momentum: Good moods lead to good actions lead to good moods. The laws of attraction bring you the corresponding thoughts, people, and opportunities you need.

Your thoughts shape your moods.

And your moods shape your thoughts, too!

And since you only have direct control over your thought, that’s where you can start!



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Po H

Po H

I coach for happiness. I take the stance that life is here for you to enjoy! 😉 When the foundation is taken care of, whatever you do will be a success! 😎