Proving my existence is valuable in itself

Po H
2 min readSep 27, 2023


Three years ago, I struggled to comprehend when I first encountered the saying, “Your existence in this world is valuable in itself.” Now, this is how I prove that existence has value, not just any value, but the Ultimate Value. Took me long enough.

  • We often base our values on our abilities.
  • From a very young age, we learn that we must develop our capabilities to earn respect and make a living in the future.
  • But actually, our value varies from one person to another. For example, if I am an architect, I am not useful to someone seeking psychotherapy. My value solely depends on how others want to use me; that’s how they perceive me.
  • This represents my social value, the value I hold for another person, based on their needs at that moment. This value can be averaged, but it differs for everyone I interact with and fluctuates over time.
  • What about my value to myself? If a part of me that serves another person’s needs defines my value to them, what part of me serves me?
  • Is it my ability to work? How does that serve me? It primarily serves my employer, but it also enables me to earn a living, which is important.
  • Does my appearance serve me the most? Probably not, as I don’t look at myself all the time.
  • Is it my body and mind that serve me the most? Very likely, as I use my body to move and my mind to think. Without them, I would be incapacitated. They are vitally important to me.
  • Could it be my existence that serves me the most? Without existence, everything ceases — my work, relationships, possessions. Nothing that could appear in my consciousness would exist. Everything would be gone.

That’s how I prove that my existence is the Ultimate Value. And make no mistake, it holds such significance because we are discussing its value to ME, not to anyone else. Would you agree? Not that it’s important though.



Po H

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