The Toxic Fear of Wasted Time

Po H
2 min readFeb 7, 2023

What do you feel when you realize you might be wasting time?

Ever-guessing, ever-pondering. The parallel universe we can never enter.

The Utility of the Fear of Wasted Time

When we say to ourselves, “I might be wasting time doing this,” we feel uncomfortable because we are afraid.

We, as human beings, have so many things we are afraid of. One of the most common is the possibility of not using our time wisely.

It means we strategize and evaluate our best move forward. Then, when we find out AFTER we act that there’s a better way, we feel the REGRET of wasted time.

But the FEAR of wasted time is fear of an idea that hasn’t even happened yet. It happens BEFORE we take action. It keeps us alert, so we can keep our worry and contemplate deeper for better ways to get things done before we actually do anything.

That’s the UTILITY of the fear of wasted time.

It pushes us to find the best route we can think of.

The Toxicity of the Fear of Wasted Time

But, in the real world, we can never know the best way to accomplish anything. It doesn’t exist.

And don’t forget, the best way is not even the important part, as long as, in the end, what we want to make happen, happens.

The nature of human beings is flexibility. So whenever we find that our current way could be more effective, we naturally try a new and better way. And there’s honestly no end to that evolution.

Seeing that no way can ever be a perfect way allow us to let go of the need to be right from the start.

When we don’t need to be correct, we act more.

When we act more, we learn from the real world instead of our planning mind. As a result, the data collected is much closer to where we are creating.

We realized the most wasted time is spent living in our thoughts rather than the real world.

So, the toxicity of the fear of wasted time comes from the forgetfulness that perfection is a process and never a destination.

When we work because we care, not because we fear, we stop wasting time on feeling bad about wasting time.



Po H

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